Life .. as it is



Life has a strange way of showing us if we are important or not to people.

A friend got in touch to say that she feels so alone, so lonely, no friends, no-one cares.   This breaks my heart, I didn’t mean to leave her high and dry, but my life has been full of working 4 days a week, supporting my family when they are not coping and looking after grand kids for the holidays.

I know that feeling of “who cares”  I had months of feeling so alone when my husband was critical, where were my friends?  I thought they would come and sit with me in the cafe at the hospital, nope… they didn’t… I thought they would support us at home… they didn’t.  I wanted help with my housework, no one could offer me help… I had no-one.. so it felt.  The more I removed myself from people the more alone I felt.  The more I sat at home, the more alone I felt, and I wasn’t the sick one.

So to my friend who has been so unwell, and finding it hard to face every day, I am so sorry, try to find something that will fill your days with fun and laughter, I will be there soon, but this week is crazy once again.  I feel so guilty.. I really am sorry.

Me….. I am working as hard as I can, my husband is not working and money is getting tight…….I try to stay positive but some days are hard, my family need my support and things are hard… but I need to have time for me too, working on that one.


It was great to see the kids so happy with life this week, we did so many fun things, really enjoyed life…. I am blessed with theses little humans, so grateful for good kids.