I can’t help how you feel.


399627cc47f9b3bd7183997903e7c9f7 (1)                             I have been challenged lately but the Statement “I can’t help how you feel!!”,  Get over it !

Is that true?  People can be really unkind/ nasty and they are not responsible for how you feel?   I was bought up to respect others feelings, to not hurt people intentionally, I believe I CAN help how you feel, by being sensitive to how I make you feel.  For my friend just to say, not my problem how you feel!……   I find that sad and wrong.

The words ” I don’t give a fk what anyone thinks” –  I have heard this too many times lately, by a good friend and a co-worker.   I will never understand why you don’t give a fk.. People are important…. I do care how I make people feel, I don’t want to be responsible for making people feel unloved or hurt.  Life is too short to feel sad and lonely.

When I asked a friend if I was wrong to think like this, she said … Just be who you are… that’s who we love, the world would be an awful place if we were all the uncaring people that don’t care how you feel.