Why do I want to be somewhere where no one needs you? – Go somewhere else!

Why would I want to sit in a corner and wait till people can  be bothered with me?  Get up and go!

Why do I let people treat me like this?  Because your soft!

Why do people think they are more important than me and I can just wait?  Because you let them!

Why do my feelings not matter to anyone?  Because you are the giver not the receiver !

Why is it easy to let me know what an awful friend I am ?   Because that makes them feel good!

Why would I let someone call me an emotional blackmailer and be ok with that?    Some people need someone else to blame for their real feelings.

Why can’t friends forgive each other?  Because they are too self centered – all about them.

Why can I apologise and I never hear sorry from anyone else, even when they have been just as damaging to me?   Because my feelings don’t matter.

Why do I want to be scrolling through crap that I don’t even want to read?    Have no idea !

Why do I even let stupid fuckers upset my life????   Because your soft !!

Why would I stay around and be treated like shit on your shoe???  That is just dumb, no one needs to do that !   Get up and move!

Why do you sit here and feel sorry for yourself when there are people in this world that do love you… go find them !

Continue… Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.  Continue to allow humour to lighten the burden of your tender heart.  You are important, and what others think of you is not important.




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