A few years ago a friend of mine was having a rough time, She was anorexic and had huge mental health issues.  This friend accused me of terrible things and wouldn’t speak to me again, none of which was true.  Two years later, I approached her and told her I missed her, this alone broke down the barrier, and we continued on as if nothing had ever happened.  No apology to me, like it never happened… that’s OK…. Some friends are worth so much more than stupid fights, stupid emotions, some love is much deeper than stuff.

I love too deep, I hurt too easily, I do dumb stupid things which I regret later, sometimes it’s too late.  But for my peace of heart, I need people to forgive me, as my stupid heart doesn’t mean to do any harm, it is just fragile and gets hurt easily and reacts badly.  I lie in bed going over and over scenarios in my head.  Peace at all cost, my heart motto.


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