Pawn in a game.


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In this thing called life, I have always thought of myself as a pawn in a game.  Not important to anyone or anything.    I move forward and get knocked off by more powerful pieces. Get shoved from pillar to post because people think you are funny and loud that you don’t have feelings.   I try my best to get ahead and more powerful strong people, put me down, or put me back in my box, but I move forward one square.

I go along side the important people (The boss at work, your very good friend, your strong family member)…The king… very important.. but very weak, I encourage and support, he is so admired by so many others,  I am needed sometimes, but mostly  I am insignificant and in the way.  Needed when they need the job done, or to find what they are looking for, but mostly you are like that little sister, annoying and in the way……. move on pawn!

Moving forward, the Queen, the most powerful person in my life, but its all about her, it’s what she wants, its she that is the greatest and most beautiful, and me the pawn so small and inadequate, she has the power to wipe me off the board in one foul swoop.   But I am still here.. still in the game, because you cannot hurt me, I am stronger than you think, I am an important piece in this game…. called life.

The knight moves in different ways, don’t care if you are here or there, will socialise when they want, when its convenient for them, those people don’t demand anything of you, just want to come along side you and be a friends, that’s ok.  Moving forward.

The rook, those friends that move away, but you are so important to them, because its you who helps them win the game.  Each piece is valuable and you can’t win a game without any piece.

We need all people in this thing called life… and me the pawn… whether you like it or not… I am important and I can help you win at this thing called life.




One thought on “Pawn in a game.

  1. Self respect can be so important, the ability to say, No! That’s not right and I wont stand for it, is a skill they teach in private schools… I didn’t go to one either!


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