Don’t feel stupid, please don’t, just be your real self, it’s better that way, the sense of freedom from being allowed to express yourself is amazing

This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!
Why do I think i have to prove myself to win approval, I am a good person, I live by the rule “Do unto others as you would like them to do to you!”
Sadly people don’t always think as I do ..but I can’t be like them,  I love who I do, my heart is an idiot and I make a fool of myself regularly….but better to tell people while you’re alive than when you’re  dead.  I love my best friend….can only hope they know how much!


What do I want


What do I want from this life?   Do I want to sit at a job I am not particularly enjoying at the moment? Do I want to live in this house and be nothing to anyone?   Why don’t I pack up an move on .. Why don’t I go where someone finds me fun?

Life is so short, just had a memory lapse and really scared me, I am NOT going down that track, I am so tired, and sore, I am not working at my full potential and I let myself down.

Help me to be a good friend, when sometimes, that is all I need, someone to hug me, tell me I am important.

Life is tiring sometimes, it takes a lot of energy, and sometimes, just can’t do it.

To have dreams that we can hold onto is sometimes the only thing that gets us through the day, and when your friend includes you in the fun,  can be the best feeling in the world.  Share your dreams, hope they come to fruition, life is meant to be lived, not settling for second best.


Amy Warner1. You’re the go to person when someone needs to be cheered up. When someone is having a rough day you’ll probably get a text that says something like, “School was shit. Tell me something funny” or some sort of variation. Some friends are the go to for life advice or “real talk” moments,…

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