Cheated by the cheater…




I found myself in a job I neither applied for or searched out for.     I was working for a job agency and found myself being offered a job that I was qualified for and could do quite easily.  After working there for several months they  wanted me to work full time which I was not keen, so they made me part time and gave me shitty shifts.   After pressure from management I decided to do what they asked, I loved my job, the residents and workers, why not?  Give it a go she thought!

Wrong Wrong Wrong

I saw that a personal carer was being treated unfairly, so as the unit manager of the area, I decided to write a letter to HR to let them know of the grievance (to my knowledge, that’s what HR is for ????), well I got a serve from the manager for going above her head?  Really??  HR is above your head?

Then…………the other day, an incident where a personal carer left an old man on the floor after a fall, and she thought nothing of it, this made me mad, really mad, but anyone that knows me knows that I have NEVER raised my voice to anyone,  after I let the girl know how cross I was, she scoffed at me and left the room.   The bad treatment of an old man, the careless attitude, made me furious, I left the room and calmed down.   I wanted to ring Management and dob her in but thought No,  I need to teach my staff that this is not ok.   So I went to the dining room and walked up to 2x staff and said quietly, Guys never leave the room if someone has had a fall, with which she replied, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO TO?   My response, Talk to management!  Neither did I yell or speak in a cross tone.

Now I find myself unemployed because this girl said I humiliated her and made her feel small.

Yeah, be a crazy bitch….Don’t keep calm…..They are gonna say you are anyway!


I am the most honest, reliable, trustworthy and dependable person I know, and this does my head in. Being blamed for something I never did and suffer the consequences of some girls stupid behaviour.

Yes I will remain me.. cause that’s all I can be, so treat me unfairly and it’s your loss, I can’t be that small insignificant brainless twitt.  I am ME.



Would you treat an oldie with disrespect?



In a position of authority in an Aged Care facility, a young girl was showing disrespect for her elders, when challenged, she flew into a flying rage, practically spitting her annoyance at being challenged on her bad behaviour.  Nothing I hate more than fighting with anyone, but I will NEVER let anyone treat the elderly with disrespect.  The young girl marched out of work like a spoilt brat, but nothing will make me feel more satisfied than if she doesn’t return.  Why should our oldies put up with crappy little staff that are just there for the money.   I hope I can express my feelings more often for the good of the oldies.

Making memories



My friend asked me why I spend so much time with people who don’t care about me. My response showed me a little about myself.  I can’t be like them, I am who I am, and I love to give, its what makes me happy, even when its not reciprocated its not important.  My heart is an idiot, it loves people who don’t love me, can’t help it.

When I see people sitting in nursing homes and no one visits and they are forgotten about, they have their memories and this is what warms the heart.

Make great memories, travel, go to shows, laugh out loud, have coffee, do stupid things.  Your friends might tire of you and think you are not worth the effort anymore, its the memories that will stay forever.

So I might do dumb things, annoy people who tolerate me, but life will be over way too quickly and I want to make great memories with the people I love.

Grab life with both hands, enjoy every minute