As an outsider looking in…..



There is this girl….

She’s a pretty girl, although she doesn’t think so, she thinks she’s fat and ugly, as her brothers have told her so much she believes them.

For some reason, no one ever gives her positives, why is that?

She sits there in the window…. looking out into space, she’s lonely, she just wants to be loved.

Time moves on, she has been so focused on others, she forgets to care for herself, she looks haggard, overweight and sad.

She annoys people now, because she is wanting attention, oh any attention will do, as life has passed her by, she lost that time and can’t get it back.  Panic fills her being, the panic of getting old before her time, losing what she thought she loved.  But what’s the point?   People think she is a waste of space, a joke, just annoying,  someone to use when it suits.

She dreams of just going away, moving to a new town, making new friends and finding love, real love, someone to hold her and tell her they can’t live without her.  The storybook romance, but alas,  the window is dirty, the house needs cleaning, and reality  hits.

Oh yes and here come the kids……………