Pain and Independance



Had a sore hip, went for blood injection, not thinking it was anything to worry about, would be glad to have it to try anything to get out of pain.

It was the most horrific excruciating pain I have ever experienced. Could barely stand after the procedure.

so, I have to drive home, with tears in my eyes, I paid my fees and walked very slowly to the car.  Sat down and burst into tears, cried all the way home.

When I got home had the challenge of climbing the stairs (16 of them) to get inside, just stood there and cried. Husband came to the rescue and helped me inside.

Not being able to do anything makes me feel weak, makes me feel frustrated and angry.  Could not believe how independent I am until I can’t do anything, even to walk to shops to get pain killers.  Who is going to look after me when I can’t.  I don’t want anyone to do things for me, I like to do them my self.  I am so independent, I saw another side of me in the past few days.

I am a strong person, who doesn’t think she needs anyone. Maybe I do.