When I die……



When you go along in life and its pretty well plain sailing.  Then your health takes over, none of us want to get older, none of us want to get sick.  But when its your heart…. you only have one of those… you only get one chance.

I had the privilege of nursing a lady on her death bed, and my co-worker expressed his fear of dying, which made me question myself.  Am I scared of dying?  Am I worried what is on the other side, No… I am ok, but every time I think of this it brings tears to my eyes.  What will I miss?  Who will care? Will they just forget me when I am out of sight?  Did I mess up  peoples lives?  Was I a good mum?  Did I bring fun and laughter to the people I love?

Did I leave a good legacy?

My heart is doing my heart in….. I am so mixed up…. so frightened, I am not ready for this…..no one understands.


When you make decisions that others don’t like.



A women met a man who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but he wasn’t Catholic and dad said ‘”NO”.  So life went on and she become friends with the popular guy at school the one everyone loved…..Dad said “Yes”.  They married and went on to have 3x kids, when the youngest was 3yrs old she realised this is not the dream she had ..this is not life she wanted. So she packed up and went over seas.  Family was devastated.

Ten years later she returned and tried to bond with her children…lets say it was difficult but it worked.

Went to a bar on saturday night and met a guy who was too ashamed to tell his mum he is gay!  What era do we live in that parents cant accept their kids for who they are?  Come on Mum… hes a good boy, he loves you so much he can’t tell you… now that is sad.

Who is to say who we should end up with, who is to say whether we are gay or straight………. only ourselves…not our dad and mum…not anyone else, but ourselves.  Make the right decision.. make sure you are the person you want to be, life is too short…Go live it.