Soon find out who your friends are.



When the chips are down and you feel like you are at rock bottom, that’s when you find out who your true friends are.   A friend of mine has had an operation and is out of action for a long time, they discussed with me how lonely it feels when you are unable to socialise or attend work.  Depression sets in, you talk yourself into believing no one cares, people turn up and then you never see them again, who cares, who really cares, if I died today would they miss me. Its hard to focus on others when you have so many problems of your own.  Then you are shocked into reality because you find someone that is worse off than you and you realise how silly you have been, but for that moment that real moment, you were low …really low.. and its hard to get out of that dark place, only your true friends can dig you out of that hole.


2 thoughts on “Soon find out who your friends are.

  1. Some people just can’t give what you may need, I still love those people for giving as much as they are able to, I haven’t got it in me to judge them. I remember that saying, you have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to really understand what they are going through, Perhaps this time they just can’t be there for you, but maybe next time they will?


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