Tell her!!



When you are young and in love, you ask your partner, do I look nice, of course his answer is …you are gorgeous (love is blind), years later, honey do I look nice, without looking he say, yep.   Then you get to a stage in your life where you don’t even ask because he won’t look and reckons he isn’t going to win because if he says yes, he’s either lying or didn’t look and if he says “No”, hes the worst in the world… guys, tell her when she doesn’t ask…….give a compliment she wouldn’t expect…..yeah….. that would do it. ..she just may think you care… She just might believe you!!!




I am me

You come into this world alone, you leave it alone.

These days I long for peoples approval, for respect for love, and have come to realise, it doesn’t really matter what people think of me, because I AM ME.

I am


I am a good friend

I will always give you compliments

I will lift you up when you are feeling down even though I have so much shit going on in my life

I pour my heart out to people and its slapped back in my face

I love the wrong people

I can give you all the compliments in the world and never expect one back

I hurt easily

I cry for people who don’t even give me a second thought.

I go the extra mile and help where its needed

I respect people and would never intentionally be rude or hurt anyone

I will put peoples needs before my own

I am rarely angry

I get confused easy, because I always want to see the good in people

I am fearful of the unknown

I see peoples posts and wish they were about me

I spend hours trying to find the right gift for the right person

I have a spirit that hurts when people knock me

I love a laugh,

I am full of understanding

I have empathy

I have sympathy for people

I have a good heart

I am important

and I needed to do this, because for some reason, the people in my life don’t give me positives, but I am worthy, I am a good person, and when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see, I know that inside me……I AM.

What a heart!



Wish I could translate into poetry the beauty you have within, but then words are superfluous when you are poetry itself…..

Such beautiful words, the author himself has the most beautiful heart, a very hurt heart, a heart that’s been trampled, a heart that draws you close but keeps you at bay, can love his family so much that it embraces you to think you are the only person on earth.
A heart that has been stabbed, punched, trodden down and yet cannot be broken he is the strongest person I know.

Just Breathe



My heads underwater but I’m feeling fine.

My brother nearly drowned a few years ago, and said it was the most peaceful experience in the world and he hopes one day when he dies that he dies drowning.

Breathe in breathe out… is hard sometimes

Breathe in breathe out…. life is not what is seems to others, people looking in see this wonderful life you have, but just don’t understand,

Breathe in breathe out….when you are at your lowest, why is it people can just kick you when you are down, when you never treat anyone with disrespect on purpose and yet you are the worst person in the world,

Breathe in breathe out……why is it that tears can easily flow for someone that can’t give you the time of day,

Breathe in breathe out….frustration overwhelms me and I get hit by a wave, sinking lower…

I’m underwater, but I’m breathing fine.

Breathe in breathe out…