Don’t have to go alone



Its a conspiracy that you have to think you have to battle your problems alone.  No one ever said you had to have the perfect life.  People that really care about you , don’t care about your money, your house or your job.  They care about you, you mean the world to them , the agony and pain you are going through trying to sort out your life, in 5yrs time will be history, won’t matter, we will still love you and you will still have a roof over your head and food on your table.  

So You can take a pain pill, and I will still be here, press the escape button and I won’t go anywhere, cause friends do that…they just stick like glue… love you…you don’t have to feel shitty while your going through a really shitty time.


Complaint / Compliment



On Friday, I was having a flat day, why is it when you want to feel supported, no one has time for you?  Why is it that some people get encouraged all the time, while some of us are the givers and never get.  Just sometimes, you have enough, you need to feel supported, you need to feel, full stop. Didn’t sleep, tossed and turned all night, Decided I didn’t need anyone or anything.  Then gets a note from friend: Keep smiling, It doesn’t achieve much, but at least you think you are happy.  Yeah..that’ll work.  Then today, an awesome woman gave me a lovely compliment, yeah it stroked my ego, but I needed it… you just get sick of giving not getting sometimes.   To all you givers – you are amazing, people do appreciate  you …they just forget to tell you.  To all you getters, just give back occasionally cause it can change someone’s day!

Confidence or Arrogance???



In my life the one thing I lack is confidence, I come across as being confident, but I would rather run and hide than stand in front of a crowd or be a leader.  I have bought my kids up to have the confidence that I lack.  One child has been blessed with a the confidence I am envious of, he can do anything, he is so educated that he can have an argument that is researched and plausible.  Being the mum that I am, I made a comment that “I love his confidence, but don’t be arrogant”!  He took it badly, he took it as though I am putting him down.  I would never do that.  I love his strength and confidence, he will go a long way in this life.  I often think if I had half the confidence that he had, I may have had the courage to have chased my dreams earlier in the life and maybe I could of changed history for myself and others.  Be confident my friends, do it now…don’t leave it too late.

What an emotional day


adfadfa dfadfad

Didn’t sleep well, making up things in my mind that doesn’t belong, finding out you’re way left field.

Crying over a friend whose doing it tough, and they don’t need you interfering…that’s difficult when your make up is to save the world.

Son starts an argument over the most stupid thing and won’t let up, let’s have another cry.

Feeling emotional, hurt, sad, angry, upset and then……….. my husbands Aunt rings from WA and what a lovely conversation, she didn’t want to judge me, she just wanted me to listen…she has just lost her son… courageous lady… strong, kind, loving beautiful woman…….sometimes that’s all I want… I want to feel important enough that someone wants to talk to me.