Dreams interpreted.



For so long now I have had the same recurring dream.  I am driving so fast, my brakes don’t work….but I never crash, just that overwhelming feeling of thorough fear and chills up my spine, heart goes tight and I wait for the inevitable.  So I research what does it mean:

One possible answer:

In dreams, the vehicle that you are in, represents yourself and the road
represents your path. In life, are you moving too fast? Do you have clear cut
and concise goals for yourself or are you just going with the flow? Maybe your
struggling in your waking life? Slow down, watch where you are going and make a
clear plan for your future

To dream that your brakes fail or that you can’t reach the brakes
forewarns that you lack stability in your life. Now is not the time to take
risks. Your life is out of control and you need to make some significant

Hence I take heed….. Just thinking about this, makes my heart pound, makes me wanna run…so out of control.


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