The great unloved


The great unloved.I made the love of my life (the only person that made my heart miss a beat) think I didn’t care anymore. Hence life moved on. We both moved on. We had families and life took us in different directions. His relationship broke down and he became a single father, (the best dad in the world)…should of been mine. But life goes on. We reignited our friendship over FB a few years ago and he has become my best friend in the world. I would be lost without him. I so want him to move on and get the girl of his dreams…she says with tears going down her face, why is this so difficult?? Why did life have to be such a bitch all those years ago. Life could of been so different. But life moves on…way too fast…gotta be happy…gotta find the love of your life, (and he deserves the love of his life and a huge amount of happiness). If ever he thinks of me, my only wish is that I make him smile.<


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